Simple. Brilliantly secure.

Smoke™ Messaging.


Smoke™ is the most complete secure messaging app available. It’s as fast and easy to use as your other messengers, but gives you more control over your privacy. Your texts and images are safer here than through any other delivery. Smoke™ protects you against 3rd party threats like hackers, but also against the most common enemy to your privacy: screenshots.

As a sender, you control how long messages can be viewed and whether to activate our patent-pending anti-screenshot “smokescreen” with just one tap. You can even take back sent messages if you change your mind. Instantly.

Every conversation within the app is encrypted with its own unique AES 256 bit keys. Your messages aren’t stored, and they can only be viewed on the devices of the sender and receiver. Once they self-destruct, they are gone forever.

Text freely, knowing your messages are as ephemeral as if they were spoken, not written.

Our encryption is strong enough for the most important uses, and Smoke™ is quick enough for the most casual chats.

Download for free, invite your friends, and start enjoying pure messaging confidence today. Click below:

Smoke™ is trademark of Smoke Messaging LLC